Planning Applications, permits & Fees

  1. Apply Online

Citizen Self Service (CSS) allows applicants to apply and pay for plans and permits online. If you would like assistance, please feel free to contact our office at (208) 468-4430 or email

For all registration and plan application needs, please visit Citizen Self Service (CSS) and complete the following steps:

1) Log on or register for a user account.

2) Apply for your plan type. Please review the different plan types to ensure correct plan application. If a wrong plan type is selected, the application will be voided. Please consult a member of the Planning and Zoning Department if you are unsure what plan or permit you should be applying for.


• How to Register on CSS

• How to Apply for a Plan

• Account Validation Issues

• Annexation Process

• Public Hearing Process

NOTE: All plans require payment in full prior to scheduling a public hearing or issuance of a permit and are considered incomplete.