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Planning and Zoning Information

Hearing Notices, Staff Reports, Meeting Agendas-Minutes-Audio Files
To view or download Public Hearing Notices, Staff Reports on Meeting Items, or Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting Agendas, Minutes or Audio Files Click Here. Please Click Here to make a public records request for any item older than one year.
Frequently Requested Information  Mission
Our Mission is to make a safe, vibrant and economically sustainable community through wise growth management, including the use of smart growth principles based on Idaho Law, Nampa’s Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance, and best planning practices. 
Our Vision is to guide the use and development of land to support the health, safety and welfare of our citizens. We believe in being open with all parties, in reviewing development proposals for consistency with the Comprehensive Plan, in complying with State and City zoning law, and in processing application requests thoroughly and impartially.
  • Annually review and amend the zoning and subdivision ordinances, and the comprehensive plan with emphasis on updates to promote smart growth.
  • Advise the public, Planning and Zoning Commission, MayorCity Council and department heads in planning & zoning matters.
  • Coordinate and strengthen relationships with Canyon County in their planning and zoning efforts within the Nampa Area of City Impact.
  • Assist in downtown revitalization efforts through participating in ongoing planning for the area.
  • Assist in the economic and community development activities of the City of Nampa in every way possible.

Pre-Application Meeting Request

A pre-application meeting is intended for discussion in regards to properties upon which an owner/prospective owner or developer would like information about allowable land uses, availability of city utilities, residential structures and/or residential or commercial subdivision (land division) projects. This meeting will include a staff member from the Planning & Zoning and Engineering. At the time of the request, it will be determined if any other departments may have an interest in the project and will be invited to attend.

A block of time on Wednesday afternoons has been reserved for these meetings. However, other times may be available upon request.

Please return this completed form to Kristi Watkins at to reserve a meeting time.