Construction Projects

We are committed to Nampa. The goal of every project is to make Nampa the best possible place to live - now and in the future.

 2022 Construction Projects


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 City Projects:

  1. 2nd St N pipeline upgrade (11th to 16th Ave N) & 4th St. N Waterline upgrade (11th to 16th Ave n): Upcoming
  2. Annual Culvert Replacement (Fivemile creek): Completed
  3. Annual Culvert Replacement (Miller Drain): Delayed until next year
  4. Sewer Zone G Rehab (Replacing current lining in sewer line): Under construction
  5. Sewer Zone A Rehab (Replacing the current lining in sewer line): Upcoming
  6. Midland Blvd & Karcher Guardrail: Completed
  7. Birch Redundant Force Pipe (Sewer Installation): Completed
  8. Canyon St & Smith Ave Pipeline: Under construction
  9. 11th Ave South Pedestrian Improvements: Under Construction
  10. Elevated Water Tank Replacement: Upcoming
  11. Franklin Road Widening: Process starting late fall of 2022, construction beginning next year
  12. Franklin Blvd & Birch Intersection (Roundabout): Upcoming
  13. Kings & Victory Rd Intersection(Roundabout): Upcoming
  14. Midland & Lake Lowell Signal: Under construction expected to be completed late august
  15. Stoddard Pathway (Iowa to Sherman Ave): Wrapping up construction
  16. Stoddard Pathway (Sherman Ave to 2nd St. S.): Upcoming

For more information on City projects, please call (208) 565-5262 or email [email protected]

Nampa Highway District Projects:

For more information on their scheduled projects please visit their website at or call (208) 467-6576

We appreciate your patience as we know there is a lot happening in Nampa this construction year. Thank you to the crews that are helping maintain and improve the infrastructure in the City! 

GIS (Geographical Information System) MappingClick here for current and upcoming construction projects (1)Click here for current and upcoming construction projects (2)

For more information, call our projects line at 208-465-2221 or email us at [email protected].