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The City of Nampa's mapping needs are addressed by the Geographic Information System (GIS) staff, which is structured under the Engineering Division.


Nampa's GIS developed in a manner similar to many GIS departments; it evolved from an engineering technician position in the 1990's to a GIS section of the Engineering Division presently. Geographical data maintenance has matured from using simple AutoCAD utility and zoning maps, to converting the CAD files to GIS format, to collecting GIS data with GPS units, to a full-fledged city-wide GIS involving multiple departments utilizing hundreds of data layers.


To provide accurate and structured spatial information to Nampa's GIS consumers.

GIS Data

Nampa GIS Data is available to download in our Nampa GIS Data Hub.  

Requests for Canyon County 
parcel, road centerline, zoning and orthophotography should be directed to the Canyon County Assessor's office.

Regional orthophotography and elevation data is available for purchase from COMPASS.

Additional data resources include but are not limited to INSIDE Idaho and the Idaho Geospatial Office.

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