Business Retention and Expansion

Nampa's Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) program promotes business growth, capital investment, and job creation by connecting local business owners with the resources they need to succeed. 


Why BRE Is Important

A healthy and vibrant local economy depends on the well-being of local businesses. With significant growth in recent years ranking Nampa among the top fastest growing cities in the nation with a population of over 110,000 (according to the U.S. Census Bureau), the Business Retention and Expansion Program helps the Economic Development Department work with the local business community to strengthen and grow the economy.

While an increasing population and new business development contributes to the recent economic growth, we believe it is the success of existing businesses that boosts the local economy. By maintaining open lines of communication and building enduring relationships, we seek to aid our existing job creators as they hire more employees, add locations, invest in facilities, and continue to give back to the community.

What is a BRE Program?

A BRE program involves dialogue with local businesses to better understand their issues and concerns. Such efforts can show the city’s appreciation for business contributions and enable local leadership to identify economic development strategies informed by local business as well as inform the community at large about individual and community-wide business concerns.

Perhaps most importantly, however, a BRE program facilitates improved relationships among local development organizations and business leaders. This collaboration can lead to more effective communications and long-term working partnerships resulting in more cooperative community policy and decision-making.

Objectives of the Nampa BRE Program

  1. Engage regional companies through planned visits to cultivate further investment in Nampa to grow, expand and create jobs.
  2. Become an active partner with company leaders and management to identify and resolve business/community/workforce related issues and challenges unique to the Nampa market.
  3. Equity and inclusion throughout – Include businesses located in areas of economic disadvantage and owned by women, minorities and immigrants. 

Impact of a BRE Program

  1. Improve the business climate of the community.
  2. Help local businesses remain competitive.
  3. Increase employment.
  4. Stabilize the local economy.

Business Expansion

We are committed to helping our long-time business owners expand within our growing community. Let us help you explore the options and resources available and gain insight into planning and permitting.

Point of Contact

Our BRE team, located within the Economic Development Department, serves as the main point of contact for assistance with workforce training and hiring, permitting for expansions, business issues and general information about city policies and processes impacting your business.

Prospective Businesses

Our current business community is an excellent resource for those considering the move to Nampa. Let us introduce you to business and community leaders who are happy to share their experiences and welcome you to the Nampa family.

Business Retention and Expansion Survey

  1. We invite you to participate in our Business Expansion and Retention (BRE) survey to actively contribute to shaping the future landscape of your industry. 

    Key reasons to engage in the BRE Survey:

    1. Strategic Insights: Your input will provide strategic insights into the factors influencing business expansion and retention, contributing to industry-wide knowledge.
    2. Peer Benchmarking: Compare your growth strategies and retention practices with industry peers, gaining a competitive edge in the evolving market.
    3. Tailored Support: The survey results will enable us to tailor our support services, providing you with targeted resources and assistance to overcome specific challenges to your business.  

    By participating in this survey, you play a pivotal role in driving industry best practices and unlocking opportunities for growth. The survey is designed to be concise, ensuring it won’t take much of your valuable time, while the impact of your insights will be substantial. 

  2. Basic Information
  3. Business Background
  4. If able to provide. It is sufficient to add a range.

  5. Business Climate
  6. Labor and Training Needs
  7. We understand this may be sensitive information. A range would be sufficient.

  8. Marketing and Trade
  9. Financing Needs
  10. Has the company experienced difficulty in securing financial capital? If so, for which of the following purposes:
  11. Regulatory Issues
  12. Barriers to Growth
  13. What factors do you consider to be major barriers to the company's growth or continued existence in the community?
  14. Satisfaction with Public Services and Facilities
  15. Rate the following public services using the drop downs below
  16. Questions and Comments

  17. Thank you for participating in our survey! Your feedback is invaluable and contributes significantly to our understanding of the business needs in Nampa. 

    We appreciate your time and thoughtful responses!

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