Erosion Permit Applications


The City of Nampa has adopted an Environmental Protection Agency mandated ordinance to control erosion and sediment from entering our public waterways and drainage structures. The new ordinance will require that digging projects where more than ten cubic yards of soil are to be disturbed an erosion and sediment control permit must be issued. The exception will be building projects where a building permit and associated erosion permit have already been issued.

Typical development projects where buildings are being constructed are already under the guise of erosion and building permits such as new homes and new commercial work that are already permitted. Retro plumbing lines repairs such as replacing water or sewer lines and some underground electrical installations where a building and erosion permit is not in effect will require erosion permits in addition to the typical trade’s permits.

  • Example 1: The typical sewer line replacement where work on the public right-of-way is required a plumbing; right-of-way and erosion permit will all need to be issued. All three are available at our City Hall public counter.
  • Example 2: Sewer, water line or underground electrical work where two cubic yards of soil are disturbed and no work enters the public right and no erosion permit has been issued will require a plumbing or electrical and and erosion control permit.
Issuance of an erosion and sediment control permit is predicated on the applicant having an active erosion and sediment control responsible person license and associated license number.

If you have any questions about requirements for the erosion control permits or responsible person licenses please contact: Greg Goodman, (208) 468-4442, or Kyle Schab, (208) 468-5851.