Foundations of Planning

Evidence from ancient archeology and records, clearly show that planning for towns and cities has been done across the globe for most, if not all, human recorded history. Community planning was done for three basic reasons:

  1. To ensure access to water and other resources 
  2. For protection from threats 
  3. To provide systems for sanitation 

Today, Idaho law requires each municipality to plan for growth and needs in their city. We still plan for the same fundamental reasons:

  1. Accessing resources 
  2. Public safety 
  3. Health of the community

However, modern planning keeps expanding to address current challenges and needs:

  • Compatibility – how well does a property’s land use compliment another property in terms of building scale, height, setbacks, stormwater runoff, noise, light, traffic, and architectural appearance?
  • Open space & amenities – how much public space is needed, what amenities should that space include, where should it go, and how do people access it?
  • Project and building appearance – how do we use landscaping, building architecture and colors, and site layout, to achieve a desired appearance and feel?
  • Public involvement – how do we provide opportunity for all types of people in Nampa to be involved in making decisions about how the city grows?
  • Transportation – how do we encourage the flow of vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, and others through the city and even between neighboring developments in efficient ways?

And the list of needs that planners are asked to address continues to grow…

You can be involved in Nampa’s plans to ensure a safe and healthy community where people prosper. Visit to find out how.