Citizen's Guide to Planning

Message from Planning & Zoning Director Rodney Ashby

My team and I are excited to create and compile information into “A Citizen’s Guide to Planning.” We will be releasing information each month from November 2023 to November 2024. We hope you’ll follow along each month as we add information to this publication, the City of Nampa social media channels and YouTube.

Our goal in creating this content is to help unravel the mysteries of planning. We find that a lot of people, even though they live in this community, may not understand why we develop the way we do: 

Why are certain businesses located where they are versus residential? 

Why do we need multifamily housing in the City of Nampa? 

We will also cover in more detail topics such as the comprehensive plan, specific area plans, the public hearing process and zoning verses land use designation, among others. 

We hope the process will result in the public being more informed about how they can be involved, and also about the reasons behind the way the city is developing. Help us plan to ensure Nampa is a safe and healthy community where people prosper. Visit to find out how.

A Citizen's Guide to Planning: 

Informing and inspiring Nampa’s community to engage in its planning and zoning process

Below please find the Nampa Planning and Zoning's "A Citizen's Guide to Planning" publication. We hope you'll the current and future editions as we aim to inform and inspire Nampa's community to engage in its planning and zoning process.

To download a printable version of the magazine, click below:

November 2023

We look forward to publishing new content between November 2023-November 2024 the first week of each month. Thank you for your interest and involvement in Nampa's planning and zoning process!