The City of Nampa offers various memorial options for those who have lost loved ones. Below please find information related to community memorial options. 

Memorial Options

Private Memorials: 

A “Private Memorial” is any decoration or group of decorations including, but not limited to flowers, non-reflective balloons, crosses, wreaths, Ghost Bikes, or signs placed or erected within a public right-of-way by a person other than an employee of the City. Private memorials may remain in the public right-of-way for one year from the date of installation or registration. 

Public Memorials:

A “Public Memorial” is a permanent memorial approved by the City and placed or erected within a public right-of-way. It may take the form of a plaque, architectural stone, or other materials proposed by the Applicant, a City of Nampa Memorial Sign, or a Ghost Bike. Please see the options for public memorials below. 

Permanent Roadside Memorial
A memorial plaque, architectural stone, or personalized sign installed by the city.

City of Nampa Memorial Sign
Memorial signs will read IN MEMORY OF (loved one). An additional phrase may be included relating to the cause of the accident (example: Please Drive Safely, Please Don’t Drink and Drive, or other).   

Memorial Signage

City of Nampa Ghost Bike
A bicycle, predominantly painted white, installed to memorialize a loved one fatally injured in a traffic accident while riding a bicycle.

Park Memorial Tree
The memorial tree program includes planting a new tree (depending on location and availability) or selecting an existing tree. The Nampa Forestry Department will determine tree location and what species are available. A memorial tree includes the installation of a 12”x 6” granite plaque with a concrete border, which is placed at the base of the tree.

Park Memorial Bench
The memorial bench program includes a standard 6-foot bench that is used throughout our park system. The memorial bench includes the installation of a 12” x 6” granite plaque that is cemented in the bench’s concrete pad.