TDS Fiber

TDS is building a high-speed, all-fiber internet network to serve the Nampa community.

As construction continues, residents may see activity in their area or in the public utility easements at their property. Like other utility companies, TDS has the right to work on utility easements, including those that may be in your front, side, or backyard. Easement rules are set by state law and are not under the city’s jurisdiction. TDS respects your property and will exercise caution in all areas of your yard. Crews will attempt to notify you by knocking on your door or leaving a note to let you know they will be entering your yard. Following the completion of construction, a separate cleanup and restoration crew will come to the site to repair any disrupted areas. 

Should residents have any questions or concerns, please call TDS’ construction hotline at 855-259-8576. For more on TDS’ Nampa project, visit  


  • TDS has the right to use the public utility easement by virtue of the franchise authority issued them by the state and federal/state codes. 
  • City of Nampa personnel and other utility providers may also need to enter your property prior to TDS starting work to locate existing underground utilities.

Letter from TDS

To learn more about right-of-way, public utility easements, etc. click here

TDS Right of Way Example