Downtown Nampa Restaurant Incentive Program

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The Nampa Development Corporation (“NDC”) envisions a thriving and revitalized downtown with vibrant, prosperous businesses in an enjoyable and exciting place for people to shop, do business and enjoy themselves. To incentivize the creation of new jobs, attract new food-related establishments, and create economic growth downtown, food-related business owners may apply for grant funds to partially reimburse (up to 50%) certain projects as described below. NDC is not required to approve any application or any amount. NDC, in its sole discretion, evaluates the applications taking into consideration NDC’s goals, priorities, objectives and available funds.

Grant Program Specifics

NDC funds budgeted for the Downtown Nampa Restaurant Incentive is subject to annual review. This program is first-come-first-served until funds are depleted. Applicants that are awarded funds will also be eligible for expedited plan review which is completed in twenty-one (21) days. Projects that will be considered are those located in any of the three (3) Downtown Nampa districts. (See Appendix A)

NDC’s goal is to fund multiple projects. Funding available under this program may be used for project design, permit costs, and actual construction costs to complete the project identified within the submitted application.

Funding Details

Grants will be disbursed when the project is determined to be fully completed and all program requirements met.

Eligible Applicants

    A. Building owners or their representatives are eligible, as well as business tenants with the written approval of the building owner.

    B. Applicant’s food establishment must not be a franchise or a formula restaurant.

Restaurant Incentive Eligibility Requirements

    A. New brick-and-mortar food-related establishments such as sit-down restaurants, coffee/tea shops, bakeries, cafés, brew pubs, etc. planning to operate within any of the three (3) downtown districts. (See Appendix A)

    B. Existing brick-and-mortar food related establishments (defined in 3.A) expanding by more than 25% which are located within any of the three (3) downtown districts. (See Appendix A)

    C. Food-related establishment must not have a drive thru.

    D. Eligible project costs include, but are not necessarily limited to:

          • Grease interceptors/traps

                  City of Nampa permitting fees

                    • Building Permit Fees

                    • Domestic Water Base Fees

                    • Domestic Water Fire Flow Fees

                    • SE4 Collections Systems Fees

                    • SE4 Wastewater Fees

                    • Plan Review Fees

                    • Impact Fees

                    • Subcontractor Permit Fees

                    • Tenant Improvement Permit Fee

         • Other eligible expenses as approved by NDC

    E. Property owners must be up to date on all taxes prior to participation in the program.

    F. Applicant must self-certify and comply with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations pertaining to licensing, permits, building codes, zoning requirements, and receipt and use of these funds.

    G. Applicant shall be responsible for identifying and complying with all such requirements, including any cost or consequence to Applicant of compliance with such requirements prior to participation in this program.

    H. The obligation to obtain all necessary governmental permits and approvals shall at all times remain the sole responsibility of the Applicant.

General Criteria for Selection of Projects

    A. Buildings located in any of the three downtown districts (Business, Historic, and Village) are eligible for these programs.

    B. Projects must be compliant with all City of Nampa code requirements in all respects, including, where applicable, current Nampa Historic Downtown Design Guidelines.

    C. Prior to the execution of a Participation Agreement and reimbursement of proposed project expenses, the application may be sent by NDC for preliminary review, comment, or approval to the following agencies: the Idaho State Historic Preservation Office, the City of Nampa Arts & Historic Preservation Commission, City of Nampa Economic Development Department, City of Nampa Public Works Department, City of Nampa Building Department, and/or the City of Nampa Planning and Zoning Department.

NDC Requirements and Discretion

    A. The Participation Agreement with a selected Applicant will contain terms and provisions requiring that the Applicant comply with the applicable goals, policies and objectives of NDC as contained in NDC’s Urban Renewal Plan.

    B. Whether to approve a specific application and the amount of funds approved for a particular project is within the complete discretion of NDC. In accordance with the goals and objectives of NDC and the factors described at the end of this paragraph, NDC may deny an application in whole or in part, approve something less than the amount requested or establish caps or limitations on the amount of funds that may be approved per application or type of application. If NDC finds a project eligible and the improvements requested for reimbursement acceptable, NDC will reimburse the Applicant for up to fifty percent (50%) of the total cost (less sales tax) of the acceptable project costs. However, the Commission may adopt a lower percentage based on various factors which include, but are not limited to; available funding, the number of applications received, the strength of the application and NDC’s goals, priorities, and policies in a particular fiscal year.