CURRENT - Internal Artist Calls

Wallstreet Alley Beautification Project


The City of Nampa Arts & Historic Preservation Commission, Nampa Development Corporation (NDC), Downtown Nampa Community Association (DNCA) and the Downtown Nampa Business Improvement District (BID) are pleased to announce an exciting opportunity in downtown Nampa. Local artists are invited to submit proposals for the design and installation of new and original artwork throughout Wallstreet Alley. A mix of murals and three-dimensional art pieces will be selected to add variety to the project.

Multiple locations have been identified on Wallstreet Alley between 2nd St. South and 3rd St. South. It is the intention of this project to add multiple murals and art installations of various mediums throughout the alley with varying styles and sizes to create an outdoor art gallery.


Q & A

Q: Is the Artists Call open to non-local residents?

A: Yes it is!

Q: Is the Artists Call open to those under 18 years of age?

A: Yes it is!

Q: Can artist fees and labor be included in the budget? 

A: No – we are only compensating for materials. We based our funding model to that of similar projects, many of which did not provide any compensation. This opportunity allows artists to get their name out there due to the marketing efforts that will be made with this project, events centered around the project, and the increased foot traffic to the area. 

Q: What is the selection criteria? How will proposals be selected?

A: The Nampa Art’s and Historic Preservation Commission will be selecting the proposals. Consideration will also be given to the building owner’s preferences. 

Q: Are lifts or scaffolding provided? 

A: They are not, but this may be something we can assist with.

Q: Do the artists need to also budget in the cost of prepping the assigned surface?

A: No. We will prep the surface prior to installation of art.

Q: Are artists expected to provide a full list of materials prior to being assigned space dimensions and surface to work on?

A: Yes. The larger surfaces will contain multiple smaller pieces of art. The proposal should be planned around what $2,500 or less can provide for in materials.  

ARCHIVED - Internal Artist Calls

Dewey Palace Hotel Mural 

Deadline for Qualifications: March 7, 2023 at 3:00PM (MST)

The City of Nampa Arts & Historic Commission (AHPC) invites artists to submit qualifications for the design and installation of a new, original mural depicting the historic Dewey Palace Hotel. This mural will cover the existing dilapidated Dewey Palace Hotel mural. Up to three artist/artist teams will be selected from qualification submissions and each selected artist/artist team will be issued one five-hundred-dollar ($500) payment to prepare one (1) mural design proposal.


CURRENT - External Artist Calls 

Boise, Idaho - Traffic Box Opportunity 

Deadline: Wednesday, September 27, at 1:00PM (MST)

The City of Boise’s Department of Arts & History invites artists to apply for the opportunity to create or supply artwork for the 2024 Traffic Box Program. Selected artists will be paid $1,000 to create or supply original artwork to be digitized and fabricated into a vinyl wrap. Artists may use original, existing artwork or create new, original artwork which could consist of illustration, painting, digital images, textiles, mosaic, photography, photographs of original artwork, and more. This year, artist applications should respond to this concept prompt: How can water renewal and responsible resource management help us achieve greater equity, affordability, and access?


ARCHIVED - External Artist Calls

Boise, Idaho - Old Boise Blocks Sidewalk on Grove (Between 3rd and 6th St)

Deadline: Wednesday, May 31, 2023, at 1:00PM (MST)

The Boise City Department of Art & History invites artists to submit applications for artwork to be selected for use in the Old Boise Blocks sidewalk on Grove Street between 3rd and 6th Street, in Boise, Idaho. One artist, or artist team, will be selected and awarded a $3,000 stipend to design a new art element to be integrated into the sidewalk.

The art element is intended to be 8” diameter and will be fabricated in 1/4 - 5/16” thick bronze with strokes no greater than 1/8”. The selected artist will work with the Department of Arts & History as they formalize the design, consult with the fabricator, and help ensure ADA compliance.

At this time, the art element is intended for up to ten locations with the potential to expand later. The sidewalk art element will eventually demarcate a historical walking tour. Tour content will be determined in a later phase, but relevant history themes should be represented in artists’ applications. The selected imagery will be owned by the City of Boise and may be used for future streetscape improvements.


Boise, Idaho - 521 W Grove Street Public Art Project

Deadline: May 17, 2023 at 1:00PM (MST)

The City of Boise’s Department of Arts & History invites artists or artist teams to submit qualifications to lead the design and integration of artwork for a new public site located at 521 W Grove Street in Boise, Idaho. The 521 W Grove Street Public Space Project is a partnership between Capital City Development Corporation (CCDC), Boise Parks and Recreation, and the Boise City Department of Arts & History to bring a new public space to downtown that celebrates the history of the Old Boise Neighborhood. The new public space, as envisioned by the Old Boise community, would potentially provide an area where people can enjoy the outdoors, gather for community events, street festivals on the adjacent Basque Block, and learn about and connect with the multi-cultural and historic richness of one of Boise’s oldest neighborhoods. For more information, visit Historic Grove Street and 521 West Grove Street History.  


Boise, Idaho - Ustick/West Valley Neighborhood Public Art Project

Deadline: April 26, 2023 at 1:00PM (MST)

The City of Boise’s Department of Arts & History is inviting artists or artist teams to submit qualifications and concepts to be selected and installed at Boise’s Redwood Park. The selected artist or artist team will design and fabricate an iconic and meaningful artwork that embodies the identity of Boise’s Ustick/West Valley Neighborhood. The artist budget for this project is $100,000, and the total project budget is $140,000.