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Brush-Up Nampa Event Date is TBD.

Applications for homeowners will be accepted until June 1st.
Applications for volunteer teams will be accepted until July 1st.

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Brush-Up Nampa is an annual organized event for volunteer teams to paint homes of Nampa senior and disabled residents in need. Paint and supplies are provided through the program by generous community sponsors, so this is a free event for both teams and homeowners.

Brush-Up Nampa is more than just paint; participation restores pride in ownership, increases property values and boosts the morale of the recipients. If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, we are looking for applicants and volunteers! Funding is provided by the City of Nampa and generous donations from local businesses and individuals. Without the support of community volunteers and sponsors, this event would not be possible. Thank you all for your generosity and commitment to your community.

Brush-Up Nampa is currently seeking corporate and community sponsors for 2023. If you are interested in seeing what a difference you can make with a donation to the cause, please call 208-468-5472 for more information. You can find our basic sponsorship information below:

Brush-Up Nampa Sponsorship Page

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Brush-Up Nampa Timeline (dates subject to change)

  • April - June: Solicitation of homeowner & team applications
  • June 1st: Application deadline for homeowners
  • July 1st: Application deadline for volunteer teams 
  • June: Homeowner applicant & home evaluation
  • Late June: Notification to homeowners of whether or not your home was chosen for this year.
  • Early July: Homeowner & Team Matching. Both Team Leaders and Homeowners will be notified of your match by end of the month.
  • July: Team Supply Distribution & Team Leader Orientation
  • More details to come- supply pick-up will be at our office Downtown Nampa – 500 12th Avenue South.
  • July: Teams prepare homes for painting
  • EVENT DATE 2023 - TBD
  • Late August: Program evaluation

Want to apply to have your home painted?


  • Be at least 60 years old, OR
  • Disabled (no age qualifications, but all other criteria apply)

  • Own and live in the home they wish to have painted.
  • Be unable to afford painting costs.
  • Applicant MUST provide documentation of Income. (see application)
  • The home or property must need to be painted.
  • Home must be located within Nampa City Limits and in compliance with Code Enforcement

Income Guidelines

2021 HUD Income Guidelines for Nampa Area Median Income
Applicant must not exceed annually:

Household Size
Total Income
1 $42,200
2 $48,200
3 $54,250
4 $60,250
5 $65,100
6 $69,900
7 $74,750
8+ $79,550

Download Homeowner Application

Frequently Asked Homeowner Questions

How will I know if my home is selected?

When your application is submitted and complete, Brush-Up staff will ensure that you meet the minimum qualifications, then schedule a time to come meet with you, take photos, and answer questions. All applications will go before the selection committee, and those in the most need will be chosen according to the number of teams available to paint.

Will I get to choose what color my house is painted?

Brush-Up Nampa is supported by Centennial Job Corps and students and teachers from their painting program will come to your house to estimate paint needs. At that time they will bring a color palette for you to choose from. There are approximately 10-12 colors in a variety of both light and dark neutral tones available. Because our volunteer teams are only asked to paint the home once over, dramatic color changes are not recommended. The paint evaluators will assist you in making this decision.

My home does not need painted, but my shed or fence does. Can I qualify for Brush-Up Nampa?

Unfortunately, because of the number of homes in need we are not able to assist property owners with other painting needs at this time. Your primary dwelling (home) is what will be evaluated for need so you would not qualify.

When will I know if I have been chosen for Brush-Up Nampa?

The due date for homeowner applications is June 1st. You will be notified about whether or not your home was chosen for this year no later than July 1st.

Want to volunteer?


  • Prepare the home for paint prior to painting (examples: remove dust, loose paint & debris, prime bare wood, caulk gaps in siding)
  • Tape & Paint the home exterior to the best of your abilities
  • Clean up the property when complete
  • Have at least 10 team members (teens are welcome to participate - painting is just not the greatest project for smaller kids)
  • Commit to finishing the project on or before the event date - it is a lot of work, but SO rewarding!
*NEW* Fill out TEAM APPLICATION Online -or- Download Team Application

Frequently Asked Team Questions

Do I have to live in Nampa to participate?

Homeowners must live in Nampa City Limits, but we welcome teams made up of people from all across the valley!

Do we have to paint the whole house in 1 day?

No. The day of the event, staff will be available and the advertised event date, but many teams get started ahead of time and just finish up on the event date. If that's what works for you we support you! We like to have all homes completed by the event date though so that projects don't get left undone and forgotten over the summer.

What if I don't have the minimum of 10 team members, but still want to volunteer?

Just let us know! We're happy to accommodate smaller groups by pairing you with another group or offering you an opportunity to work on another part of the project. Please have a minimum of 5 in your group. We have found that a whole team of individual volunteers who don't know each other and don't have a coordinated leader is not the most effective way for our program to operate, so we don't encourage individual volunteers.

What if my group as more than 10 team members?

This is an ideal scenario! We recommend teams of 10-20. If you have more than 20 we can assign you to two different homes according to your preference.

Contact Us

Phone: 208-468-5407 or 208-468-4448

Community Development Division in Development Services Center 
500 12th Avenue South, Nampa, ID 83651
Mail packets Attn: Brush-Up Nampa

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