Citizen's Academy

Nampa Public Safety Academy


The Nampa Police Department has facilitated two Nampa Public Safety Academies a year for the last several years. Approximately 20 to 25 people are given the opportunity to learn how the Police conduct day-to-day operations, and thus experience law enforcement up close and personal.

Citizens are given an opportunity to drive a police car at the POST academy driving range, shoot police firearms at the NPD firing range, and practice arresting intoxicated drivers.

The final evaluations from attendees have garnered responses such as; "I thought the class was fantastic." "I enjoyed every one of the classes." "This class is a wonderful learning tool. I would highly recommend this program to my family and friends." “The course went by so fast; I wish it didn’t have to end!”

Several NPSA alumni have later become Nampa Police Volunteers.

Contact CSO Yvette Fickel for more information, or complete and submit the Public Safety Academy Application.