What to Expect

Pathways To Hope And Healing

About Your Visit 

At the Nampa Family Justice Center, we understand that receiving help can be scary, especially when you have experienced abuse. That is why when you come in for services, you get to be in charge. We are not here to force you to share more than you are comfortable, but instead to support you where you are at. You can schedule an appointment at (208) 475-5700, or you can walk in. 

Your First Appointment

When you first arrive for your appointment, or walk in, an advocate will take you back to one of our rooms. We always offer a snack or a cup of coffee to make you feel comfortable. In the room you will be given an intake form that will ask you some basic information, as well as give our advocates a better understanding of what services you are needing. 

After you complete an intake form, your advocate will give you information on the services we can offer you. Some of the services we may be able to offer are Civil Protection Orders, support groups and education, emergency food and necessities, crisis intervention and safety planning, counseling resources, and housing assistance.