The Nampa Family Justice Center provides free and confidential services to our clients. Resources are provided on a case by case basis. In order to receive services, please make an appointment with an advocate at (208) 475-5700. 

Civil Protection Orders  

If you are looking to file a CPO against your offender, we can help! Our advocates can file the paperwork for you, but it must be filed before 11:15. After the paperwork is filed, you will need to go to the courthouse the afternoon of the day the paperwork was filed in order to get the CPO granted. Our advocates will also help explain the court process and the paperwork.

Intimate Partner Violence Risk Assessment 

In order to promote safety, advocates may do a risk assessment with the client. Risk assessments help the clients and advocates gain a better understanding of the danger of a relationship.

Safety Planning & Crisis Intervention 

Abusive situations can be dangerous for clients. The advocates will create a safety plan with their clients that is unique to each situation, which can help clients in times of danger. 

Trauma-Informed Counseling 

The Nampa Family Justice Center has several intern counselors and partnering counseling agencies. Once you have completed an intake, the advocates can assist clients in finding a counselor that best works for them. 

Psychoeducation & Support Groups

Our groups provide clients with connection, education, and support. We offer a variety of classes each year, as well as Spanish classes for our Spanish-speaking clients.

Emergency Food & Necessities 

When a survivor leaves their abuser, they often leave everything behind. Thanks to the generosity of donors and partners with the NFJC, we may be able to offer emergency food, hygiene products, and other necessities. Additionally, we have information of food banks and other organizations that may be able to provide these needs.

Housing Assistance

Housing is often a huge stressor on our clients. Our advocates have been equipped with several shelters, partnering organizations, and applications for housing assistance. 

Financial Literacy Education

An important part of being self-sufficient is being able to manage money well. That is why we offer financial literacy education, providing our clients with a path to financial security.