Neighborhood Code Compliance

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The Code Compliance and Community Relations Divison works in partnership with the people of Nampa to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment; to improve the quality of Nampa's neighborhoods through education, enforcement and abatement; and to respond to community concerns and attain code compliance while maintaining high professional standards and continually seeking improvements and innovation.

Code Enforcement Process

Our division consists of four (4) code officers who are each assigned to a specific "area" within the City (see Officer Zone Map). The goal of the division is to investigate reported code violations and to assist property owners and/or tenants in correcting the violations and maintaining their property in compliance with the codes.

During our busiest time of year (spring and summer months), our division operates primarily on a reactive approach to dealing with violations, and on a proactive approach as time allows. However, all main corridor entrances within the City are monitored proactively throughout the year. Such policy does not prohibit an officer from taking immediate action on an issue that will protect the health, safety and welfare of a citizen. Complaints are inspected based on priority levels. Priority levels are categorized based on the importance type of the violation, and the order in which the complaint has been received. Once an initial complaint is received, it will be categorized into its priority level for inspection. Time frames of inspection and compliance may vary based on the type of violation, due process, and the current work load. Spring and summer are our busiest season, so please be patient as we work to help resolve these non-compliance issues. During the fall and winter months, we have the opportunity to work more on a proactive basis. Complaints may be submitted by calling our office at 208-468-5473, in person, online, or by email.

First Step

in the process is to mail a "request for voluntary compliance" letter to the owner and occupant of the property alleged to be in violation. This letter advises the nature of the violation, provides officer comments, and describes the appropriate ordinance section. This is an opportunity for the property owner/occupant to contact the code officer to discuss the situation and remedy violations prior to any follow up inspection.

Second Step

in the process is to perform a follow up inspection to determine if a violation still exists. If the property is in compliance, the case will be closed. If a violation still remains, a "final notice of violation" is sent to the owner and occupant of the property.

Third Step

in the process is to perform another follow up inspection. If the problem continues to remain unresolved, and the owner/occupant has made no effort or progress towards compliance, a citation may be issued and/or abatement may be performed.

Note: For repeat violators, citations may be issued sooner and/or a lesser compliance time frame may be given.

While many people think that problems can be immediately resolved by a visit from one of our officers, there is a "due process" that must take place to allow time for them to reach compliance. Please keep in mind that our goal is to achieve voluntary compliance and that the City will make every effort to work with persons to correct their non-compliance issues, which could result in longer time frames. However, if a situation is determined to be an immediate life-safety or health condition, steps will be taken to resolve the violation through a more emergent process.

Abatement Liens and Fines

For information on property abatement liens and fines, please contact our office at 208-468-5473 or email [email protected]. If you are a Title Company or property owner requesting lien payoff information, please fill out the Request Form.

What Else Does Our Code Compliance Team Do?

Part of our responsibilities is Community Relations. Our team works to improve the quality of life in Nampa's neighborhoods through a Community Outreach Program and fair enforcement. The Community Outreach & Volunteer Program is designed to provide public awareness and education of city ordinances and codes.

In addition, our team works in conjunction with the Community Development Division to assist property owners and tenants in finding housing resources, home improvement/housing repair programs, and landlord/tenant training.