In-Home Business

The City of Nampa requires an in-home business or daycare to submit registration information to the Planning and Zoning Department. There is a one-time $100 registration fee required.

A home occupation (or in-home business) is defined as an accessory use of a residence for gainful employment of a person residing on that property. In-Home Business Application

Daycare home occupations are restricted to a minimum of 6 children. If the daycare provider/resident wishes to provide care for 7-12 children, a conditional use permit shall be required. A fire Inspection from the Nampa Fire District is also required to complete this registration. In-Home Business for a Daycare Application

Certain types of home occupations require special consideration and approval due to the nature of the use and its potential incompatibility with residential living. Review Title 10 Zoning Code 10-1-10 Home Occupations for more information about Nampa Home Occupation code and standards. A conditional use permit may also be required.