Future Planning (Long Range)

City of Nampa Highway 16 Specific Area Plan (SAP) 

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The City of Nampa is actively working on a Specific Area Plan, a document that will guide how a specific area develops in the near future. The Highway 16 Specific Area Plan is centered around the new State Highway 16 extension. This new extension will provide a much-needed north-south route through the Treasure Valley. With most of the extension situated within the eastern portion of the City of Nampa's Area of Impact, the City is planning ahead to determine which land uses are of the highest and best use for the community.

The adopted Specific Area Plan will be an amendment to the City of Nampa's Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map. The project team completed a community survey and several steering committee meetings to collect community input. Based on the survey results and steering committee member input, a traditional theme and proposed land use concept were selected for final consideration. The final plan document will go before the Planning & Zoning Commission as a public hearing on Tuesday, December 13, 2022.

For comments or questions, contact the project team by emailing [email protected] or by calling (208) 376-7330 ext. 1003.

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