Service Line Warranties (SLWA)


Did you know that homeowners are responsible for repairs to water and sewer/septic lines on their private property? Because most homeowners insurance policies do not cover repairs due to normal wear and tear, it’s important you are aware before repairs are needed.

***We encourage homeowners to double-check coverage with their insurance agent and explore whether normal wear and tear is covered on their insurance.***

Because not all insurance companies do offer this coverage, the City of Nampa has introduced homeowners to Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA), an independent company separate from the city. SLWA provides home emergency repair solutions to homeowners nationwide, and is offering Exterior Water Service Line Coverage and Exterior Sewer/Septic Line Coverage to Nampa homeowners.

Many homeowners are not aware they are responsible for certain repairs such as those to their water service and sewer/septic lines on their private property and are not prepared to handle the high costs of unexpected water service or sewer/septic line breakdowns. Optional plans from SLWA can help protect you from the potentially expensive repair costs of water and sewer/septic lines inside and outside your home. Please visit for frequently asked questions and links to additional information about SLWA. You can also call SLWA toll-free at 1-844-257-8795 for more information, to sign up for coverage, or to opt-out of any future SLWA mailings.

Please know our utility billing customer service specialists are unable to answer questions about this product and encourage you to contact the company directly, as well as your own insurance company for options.