Temporary Use Permits

See Section 10-1-12 for provisions applying to:

  • Transient Merchants
  • Seasonal/Holiday Sales
  • Off-site Vehicles Sales Events
  • Job, Hiring and Contractor Trailers/Shacks
  • Subdivision Home Sales Offices
  • Fruit/Vegetable Vehicle Sales or Stands
  • Temporary Outdoor Amusements
  • Storage/Overflow Containers
  • Concrete Batch Plant, Asphalt Plant, Stone Crushing and/or Processing Operations
  • Temporary Residences
  • Temporary Animal Pens, Kennels, Enclosures, Runs, etc.
  • Temporary Placement of RV's and Similar Vehicles
  • Drop Off Recycling Collection Containers and/or Sites
  • Temporary Gravel Parking Lots
  • Coffee/Snow Cone/Smoothie Shacks and Similar Facilities
  • Service Oriented Businesses or Service Based Extensions of Permanent Businesses

A temporary use is defined as any activity on a site operating for a limited time of operation. Such uses may include, but are not limited to, seasonal event related or holiday sales of products or placement of temporary structures on a lot incidental to construction occurring on the lot, outdoor sales of merchandise, food stuffs, temporary residences, office or use of a permanent structure visiting carnivals or amusement businesses, recycling containers placed on a site and/or any other uses which the Planning & Zoning Director may deem as able to function without permanent permits for a short time as allowed by NCC 10-1-12.

A seasonal use is defined as a temporary use where merchandise is sold in connection with a holiday season or the growing season. These uses shall include, and are limited to, the following: Produce stands, fireworks stands, pumpkin sales lots, Christmas tree lots, and farmer's markets.

See our Applications page for Temporary Use Permit applications.