Lloyd Square Sculpture Public Art Call

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Lloyd Square Sculpture Public Art Call


Artist Call for Applications

Nampa Arts and Historic Preservation Committee seeks artists to design an interactive sculpture to be placed in Lloyd Square.

Deadline: Friday, September 2, 2022, at 1pm (local time)

Artist Budget: $90,000

Questions/Clarifications: Amber Bothwell, Economic Development, City of Nampa, Idaho. Phone: 208.468.5430. [email protected]



The Nampa Arts and Historic Preservation committee invites an artist or artist-team to work with designers and construction contractors to design, fabricate, and install artwork as a unique and interactive aspect of Lloyd Square.

Details are listed below.

  • The selected artist is welcome to choose their preferred medium but must ensure the finished sculpture can endure outdoor conditions and pedestrian interaction long-term.
  • The sculpture MUST:
    • Incorporate the word NAMPA. See exhibit A for examples.
    • Be no larger than 15’ wide x 10’ tall x 8’ deep. We are looking for a LARGE statement piece. See exhibit B for proposed location of sculpture.
    • Must be INTERACTIVE and SAFE.
  • The sculpture should:
    1. Complement and celebrate the culture and history of the City of Nampa.
    2. Be an integrated and functional aspect of Lloyd Square.
    3. Be durable, low maintenance and appropriate for it’s setting.


This public art opportunity is open to artists and artist-teams, age 18 and over, living within Idaho or within a contiguous state (Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Utah or Nevada). Artists living elsewhere that have a demonstrated connection to Nampa will also be considered.


The budget for this project is $90,000. This is a not-to-exceed amount and covers all costs associated with public art project implementation including, but not limited to: artist/consultant fees, travel, insurance, materials, fabrication, site preparation, installation of the work, and title plaque. No less than 70% of the budget must go towards the fabrication of the sculpture.

How to Apply:

This Call to Artists is a request for qualifications (RFQ) and design proposals. Interested artists must submit the following by 1:00PM MST, Friday, September 2, 2022:

  1. Letter of interest (no more than one page) addressing how you envision public art contributing to a downtown public green space and your related experience planning and executing public art projects that are integrated components of a community.
  2. Resume (no more than one page) summarizing qualifications and/or past experience. If submitting as a team, a resume should be submitted for each team member.
  3. References. A list of at least two professional references that have knowledge of the artist’s work and working methods. References of potential finalists will be contacted.
  4. Five (5) images of past completed artwork. If submitting as a team, the total number of submitted images is limited to fifteen (15) but should provide examples of each team members’ work.
  5. Annotated list of all submitted images with title, medium, dimensions, and year completed.
  6. One or more artwork design proposals including concept, materials, size, and installation strategy.

Submit the above materials as one complete electronic .PDF file. Applications attached to emails must be reduced to a size of 7MB or less. Alternatively, a file share program can be used with a document link emailed by the deadline. Send application to [email protected]

Selection Process: 

A selection committee consisting of representatives from the Nampa Arts and Historic Preservation committee, City of Nampa and the Downtown Nampa Community Association will review all RFQ and design proposal submissions and select an artist or artist-team. The selection committee may, or may not, elect to interview (via video conference) one or more artists during the selection process. Selection criteria used will include:

  • Design Proposals (40 points): demonstrated by the creativity, level of interaction, uniqueness, visual appeal, and inclusion of Nampa’s culture and and/or history; and
  • Artistic Quality (25 points): demonstrated by quality and cohesiveness of the body of past work; and
  • Ability to Complete Project (25 points): demonstrated by relevance and experience of past community engagement, integrated public art design, and collaborative project implementation as described in the letter of interest, submitted resume and by listed references; and
  • Organization/Presentation (10 points): demonstrated by the presentation, timeliness, and clarity of the application materials.

Exhibit A
Exhibit b
Sculpture Location