Initial Review of Compliance

At times, a land developer will invest resources into surveying, building design, and site design, only to discover during the building permit application process that the proposed land use is not permitted in that location. Others have designed projects that must be redesigned after a required design review process or after discovering adopted development agreement conditions.

To avoid these situations, the City of Nampa’s Planning & Zoning Department has created an INITIAL REVIEW OF COMPLIANCE form. This simple form will now be required to be approved by Planning & Zoning staff and submitted as a part of the building permit submittal package. The intent is to provide initial confirmation that a proposed project is compliant with Zoning entitlements, development agreement, and design review conditions before resources are spent on design. 

The staff anticipates that most projects' approval can be completed at the Planning & Zoning Department counter in a few minutes. When further research is necessary, such as researching older development agreements for conditions; Planning & Zoning staff anticipates completion of the form within 1-4 business days. Developers/ builders/ homeowners may also choose to fill out their portion of the form and send it to [email protected], early in the process. This will allow Planning staff the time to complete the form while plans are being developed. We hope this will be a great benefit for the building permit applicant and will identify potential challenges early in the design and development process.