Upcoming Public Hearings/Meetings 

he following notices are a courtesy and are not official until they are published in the newspaper of record. This list is subject to change. The final Agenda may be found on the City of Nampa Agenda Center webpage the week prior to the hearing. Please call 208-468-5484 or email [email protected] for inquiries. Public Hearing Signup Link

Meetings are in Nampa Council Chambers at City  Hall, 411 3rd Street S, Nampa, unless otherwise noticed.

June 6, 2022 - City Council (Public Hearings Begin at 6:30 pm)

Fran Kar Properties ZMA to IL for Campbell Tractor 0 N Franklin Blvd. (ZMA-00162-2021) 

Harmon ZMA from IP to IL for Outdoor Storage 1517 Madison (ZMA-00163-2021) 

Hubert ANN to BC & CUP for MF 2416 & 2424 Southside Blvd (ANN-00238-2022 & CUP-00270-2022) 

RHINO CUP for Storage at District 208 1509 Caldwell Blvd. (CUP-00271-2022 

June 14, 2022 - Planning & Zoning (Public Hearings Begin at 6:00 pm)

River Range Idaho ANN to IL 0 Ustick Rd Warehousing (ANN-00225-2021) 

Taylor/Sub Maker LLC ANN to RD, DA, and SPP Parker Estates 525 E Greenhurst (ANN-00237-2022 & SPP-00106-2022) 

Layton ANN to RS7 and Prelim Plat for Wagers Dairy Subdivision at 16645 Portner Rd & 11568 Moss Ln (ANN-00240-2022 & SPP-00107-2022) 

Thomson/Alsip CUP for Crematory 404 10th Ave S. (CUP-00273-2022) 

KB Home DA MOD for Cherry Grove Subdivision RS8.5 0 Elm Ln (DAMO-00056-2022) 

KB Home SPP and PUD for Cherry Grove Subdivision RS8.5 0 Elm Ln (SPP-00103-2022 & PUD-00010-2022) 

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Hearing notices, agendas, minutes and staff reports may be found in our Agenda Center.

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