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The following notices are subject to change and are not official until they are published in the newspaper of record. Please call 208-468-5484 or email Karen Hesse for inquiries. 

Please review NCC 10-2-8 regarding public hearing procedures and speaking times prior to attending a hearing (speaking times may vary at the discretion of the Chair for Planning Zoning Commission meetings and Mayor for City Council meetings).

  • Visit our Public Meetings page on how to how to participate.
  • Individuals who require language interpretation or special assistance to accommodate physical, vision or hearing impairments, or who lack the ability to access the meeting by way of the internet or other means listed above, should please contact the Planning Department at (208) 468-5484 by 12:00 noon on the day of the meeting. The City will make accommodations for those not able to participate in the process as described above.

June 5, 2023 - City Council 6:00 pm

Bergemann Annexation to RS 8.5 at 2303 Pascoe Ln (ANN-00274-2023)

 Nampa Code Changes for guest parking in townhouse development (ZTA-00031-2023)

Nampa Code Changes for Design Review/school fencing (ZTA-00032-2023)

June 13, 2023 - Planning & Zoning 6:00 pm

Wolf Short Plat Dooley Development 3260 &3300 S Halibut Ln RS22 (SPS-00051-2023

Cook/Roberts ANN RS6 2226 & 2230 W Orchard Ave (ANN-00278-2023

Continued from May 23rd: KB Home Annex, PUD  PrePlat for Resting Rock Sub  (ANN-00272-2023, PUD-00012-2023 & SPP-00120-2023) 

City of Nampa ROW Annexation (ANN-00279-2023

June 20, 2023 - City Council 6:00 pm

Connor ANN and Prelim Plat Stoddard Crossing RS6 0, 0, 2306, 2414, & 2418 E Locust Ln (ANN-00269-2023 & SPP-00119-2023)

Perkins Variance Lot Size RS6 1405 E Amity Ave (VAR-00143-2023

Reconsideration: Delay - Young's Equipment Comp Plan Map Amendment & Rezone to IL 1508 & 1510 W Karcher Rd (CMA-00055-2022 & ZMA-00170-2022)

  1. Planning & Zoning Commission
  2. Design Review Committee

Planning & Zoning Commission meetings are scheduled for the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at City Hall Council Chambers. Advertised public hearings begin at 6:00 pm; business items precede the public hearings. For more information please visit our Boards and Commissions page. Commission packets are available in our Agenda Center the Thursday prior to each scheduled meeting. For more information please contact Karen Hesse.

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Planning & Zoning Commissioners
Term Expiration Date
Peggy Sellman12-31-2025
Jeff Kirkman12-31-2024
Matthew Garner12-31-2024
Steve Kehoe12-31-2027
Bret Miller12-31-2027
Tom Turner, 2023 Vice-Chair12-31-2025
Ron Van Auker, Jr., 2023 Chair12-31-2028
Drew Morgan12-31-2028
Kody Daffer12-31-2023