Upcoming Public Hearings/Meetings 

The following notices are subject to change and are not official until they are published in the newspaper of record. Please call 208-468-5484 or email Karen Hesse for inquiries. 

Please review NCC 10-2-8 regarding public hearing procedures and speaking times prior to attending a hearing.

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  • Hearing notices, agendas, minutes and staff reports may be found in our Agenda Center the Thursday prior to the hearing.
  • Meetings are in Nampa Council Chambers at City  Hall, 411 3rd Street S, Nampa, unless otherwise noticed.
  • Proceedings may be viewed live at https://www.youtube.com/@cityofnampapublicmeetings.
  • Interested parties wishing to provide comments and questions for a hearing must submit them in writing to the Planning & Zoning Department at 500 12th Avenue South or sent to [email protected] no later than 12:00 noon on the Wednesday prior to the scheduled hearing. Any comments received prior to the start of the meeting will be distributed in advance of the meeting. Interested parties may participate: Remotely through electronic means, by calling in to the meeting, or by attending in person.
  • An individual wishing to actively participate remotely in the meeting must sign up by 12:00 noon the day of the meeting to receive the invitation link. If desiring to participate remotely, please use the following sign-up form: https://www.cityofnampa.us/1339/Public-Hearing-Sign-Up. 
  • Any individual who wishes to provide any physical evidence (pictures, tables, drawings, maps, written letters, or any other visual aid) to accompany their testimony, must submit such physical evidence, via email, to [email protected] by 1:30 p.m. on the day of the meeting. USB flash drives are not accepted during the meeting due to security purposes. Participants may provide physical evidence, pictures, written communication, etc. at the meeting, but must provide a copy of such to the City Clerk and Planning staff. Alternatively, participants may provide such evidence to the Planning & Zoning Department or City Clerk's Office prior to the meeting though no digital presentation is permitted during the public testimony.

February 6, 2023 - City Council (Hearings Begin at 6:00 pm)

Haverfield ANN & CUP for Northwest Village MF  (ANN-00253-2022 & CUP-00295-2022)

Comprehensive Plan Text and Map Amendments (CTA-00013-2022 & CMA-00054-2022)

February 14, 2023 - Planning & Zoning 6:00 pm

Centurion Engineers Annex to RD for future Sub 0, 0, 1121 Southside (ANN-00259-2022) 

Delay - Young's Equipment Comp Plan Map Amendment & Rezone to IL 1508 & 1510 W Karcher Rd (CMA-00055-2022 & ZMA-00170-2022)

BSM Properties CUP for Concrete Batching 1904 E Sherman Ave (CUP-00304-2022) 

Wolf Midland Townhomes - ANN to RD 905 N Midland Blvd (ANN-00264-2022) 

Sunroc Concrete Batching IL 39 N Picard Ln (CUP-00303-2022) 

Nampa City Code Text Amendment (ZTA-00028-2022) 

February 21, 2023 - City Council 6:00 pm

ANN & Prelim Plat for Lady Bird Landing Sub 3809 & 0 Greenhurst Rd (ANN-00260-2022 & SPP-00118-2022) 

Sandoval APPEAL of P&Z Comm. approval of Hernandez CUP BC for MF (CUP-00277-2022 &APL-00017-2023) 

Gardner Vacation of Water (Utility) Easement 1232 & 1250 N Galleria Rd (VAC-00058-2023) 

Murray Variance of 10-8-5.C to rebuild accessory structure 503 10th Ave S. (VAR-00139-2023) 

  1. Planning & Zoning Commission
  2. Design Review Committee

Planning & Zoning Commission meetings are scheduled for the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at City Hall Council Chambers. Advertised public hearings begin at 6:00 pm; business items precede the public hearings. For more information please visit our Boards and Commissions page. Commission packets are available in our Agenda Center the Thursday prior to each scheduled meeting. For more information please contact Karen Hesse.

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Planning & Zoning Commissioners
Term Expiration Date
Peggy Sellman12-31-2025
Jeff Kirkman12-31-2024
Matthew Garner12-31-2024
Steve Kehoe12-31-2027
Bret Miller12-31-2027
Tom Turner, 2023 Vice-Chair12-31-2025
Ron Van Auker, Jr., 2023 Chair12-31-2028
Drew Morgan12-31-2028
Kody Daffer12-31-2023