State 45 Study

Thank you for your interest in State Highway 45.

pThe purpose of the PEL study is the identify and analyze improvements to address safety, congestion, mobility, and travel time reliability in downtown Nampa.


The need for this project includes:

  • Addressing existing deficiencies such as travel time, congestion, delays and safety
  • Preparing for future growth and economic development in downtown Nampa
  • Increasing freight mobility for existing state-owned roadways in downtown Nampa
  • Implementing infrastructure that provides a range of options for users


The City has been working with community groups and the Nampa Development Corporation since 2010 to identify and address transportation needs in Nampa. The need to explore other options for SH-45 has remained consistent as population increases. In 2012 and 2020, two Nampa citywide transportation plans concluded independently that improvements are needed in downtown Nampa. In 2021, the Federal Highway Administration began working with the City on a Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) Assessment.

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After public feedback from the open house in April 2022, there has been four alternatives identified and are currently in the screening process. An open house to discuss these four alternatives is planned for winter 2022. 

The four routes below are being considered:

  • 16th Ave. via Roosevelt Ave.

City of Nampa_Map_16th Ave via Roosevelt Ave_Mapboard

  • 11th Ave. and 12th Ave. Crossover Corridor

City of Nampa_Map_11th and 12th Crossover Corridor_Mapboard

  • 11th Ave. Direct Corridor

City of Nampa_Map_11th Ave Direct Corridor_Mapboard

  • 16th Ave. via 7th St.

City of Nampa_Map_16th Ave via 7th St_Mapboard

This is a planning study and the funding for the final preferred alternative has yet to be identified.

For more information, please contact the City of Nampa at (208) 565-5262 or [email protected].  

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