Frequently asked Questions

What is stormwater?

Stormwater is rainwater that falls on impervious surfaces such as roads, streets, roofs, and sidewalks. Since those surfaces do not allow water absorption, rainwater will run off and flow into storm drains, carrying pollution with it.

Why is stormwater a problem?

Stormwater can pick up pollutants and carry them into storm drains, which lead to our streams, creeks, rivers, and lakes. Stormwater can also cause flooding in low areas or where storm drains have clogged.

What are some pollutants found in Nampa?

A few types of stormwater pollutants are trash, fallen leaves and yard debris, vehicle fluids, solvents, pet waste, and chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers.

What are the local waters that our stormwater may flow into?

Our stormwater may discharge, or flow, into Indian Creek, Lake Lowell, Mason Creek, and many of the streams, drains, laterals, and canals in our City.