2021 Rate Increase

Sewer Rate Increase Approved as Part of Bond Repayment Plan

The Nampa City Council voted September 7 to approve an increase of 16.75%, or approximately $6.02 per month, to residential wastewater rates beginning October 1, 2021 as part of the public-approved repayment plan for the $165 million sewer revenue bond approved by voters in May of 2018. 

By approving the $165 million sewer revenue bond, the public chose to finance required improvements to Nampa’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (rather than pay cash) and repay the 30-year loan through smaller incremental increases to rates between 2019-2025. The current increase aligns with what was projected in 2018. Beginning October 1, the average cost for sewer services is $44.18 per month and the 2018 projection for FY 2022 was $45.50 per month for residential customers. 

Also approved development customers can expect increases to domestic water and wastewater hookup fees and an increase to erosion control permit fees beginning October 1, 2021. For more information, regarding class and proposed fees please visit, https://www.cityofnampa.us/1065/Rates-and-Resolutions.

The billing insert can be found here.