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12th & 3rd Parking Lot RFP

Downtown Nampa Parking Study & Strategic Plan RFP

Downtown Nampa Parking Study & Strategic Plan RFP Questions & Answers (10/09/2023)

1. The RFP language states the Scope of Services must include a community outreach component. Has the City identified which community members or groups should be included in the outreach program? Will these be “specific stakeholder focus groups” or will the city require a “community at large” approach? Your answers will help us determine the level of effort and cost associated with meeting and exceeding your expectations.

 *The Nampa Development Corporation has identified the Downtown Nampa Community Association (DNCA) and Business Improvement District (BID) membership as part of the outreach program. Potentially property owners and developers as well as other interested city groups. The outreach program will target specific stakeholder groups; it will not include a community at-large approach.

2. The RFP states that the City of Nampa typically experiences its highest parking demand during the summer tourism season between Memorial Day and Labor Day, as well as for popular special events on 1st Street South and 13th Avenue South. Given these market conditions will be out of season during the project timeline stated in the RFP of November 2, 2023, to February 29, 2024, is the City comfortable with findings and recommendations that may be observed and evaluated during non-peak periods? If not, is an alternative project timeline and completion date acceptable to the city? Your answers will help us determine the appropriate project schedule for meeting and exceeding your expectations.

 *We expect the analysis to be based on the best available data without modifying the timeline of completion on the RFP.

3. The RFP states that Nampa Development Corporation (NDC) is soliciting professional services. Additionally, the RFP states that the Consultant shall coordinate with the Economic Development Department & Code Compliance Department. What agency or department will oversee the project and steering committee? What is the proposed funding source and allocated budget amount for this project?

 *Nampa Development Corporation will oversee and fund the project. Funds have been budgeted to complete this project. Final budget will be dependent on negotiated final scope of work.

4. Is the City willing to consider proposed amendments to Section VIII. Indemnification of Exhibit C in the RFP?

 *Any proposed changes to this section are subject to legal review and approval.

5. Page 6 of the RFP states that we must submit six (6) proposal sets, but also uses the phrasing “submittals must be hand-delivered, mailed, or submitted electronically” – could you please clarify how many proposal sets need to be submitted and how many of those need to be electronic vs. mailed/hand-delivered (for example, 5 printed and 1 emailed)?

 * Nampa Development Corporation prefers submittals to be mailed or delivered with six (6) copies of the proposal. We will accept emailed submittals with a single PDF attached, providing all submissions meet the requirements for page count as specified in the RFP.

6. Are front covers, back covers, and divider pages counted towards the RFP page limits?

 * Front covers, back covers, and divider pages are not counted towards the submission page limits.

7. What is the latest date that an addendum would be issued for this RFP?

 * Addenda to this RFP are not expected. Answers to any questions by interested parties will be available to all respondents on the Nampa Development Corporation website.  Answers to the questions will be published until the time of submission due date, 10/20/2023.

8. Are we able to include a cover page? 

*A cover page can be included before the Letter of Transmittal.