Building and Fire Code Advisory and Appeals Board


A building and fire code advisory and appeals board shall serve to determine the suitability of alternate materials and methods of construction and to provide reasonable interpretations of the international building and fire codes and amendments. Advisory capacity to the mayor and city council as Nampa's elected officials to deliberate code amendments, critique public policy initiatives, provide guidance in the development of certain discretionary enforcement activities and formulate public outreach programs.


The Building and Fire Code Advisory and Appeals Board Meeting has been scheduled for February 08th at 1:30 pm at 500 12th Avenue South, Nampa, ID

The board has one annual meeting and then only meets for purposed cited in Nampa City Code 4-2-5


Casey WittenbornJanuary 7, 2024
Derek CooperJanuary 6, 2023
Greg ToolsonJanuary 6, 2023
Jimmy Ray ChurchJanuary 7, 2024
Joe BongiornoJanuary 6, 2023
Greg HathawayJanuary 7, 2024
Michael FussJanuary 7, 2024
Dennis DavisJanuary 6, 2023
Ron Johnson
Nampa Fire District Deputy Chief - Fire Marshal 
Patrick Sullivan
Building Director