Pedestrian Crosswalk Policy


The City of Nampa Public Works Department strives to provide safe, efficient pedestrian crossings by installing and maintaining marked crosswalks. All locations where there is substantial conflict between vehicle and pedestrian movements and significant pedestrian concentrations occur, traffic movements are controlled.

The purpose of this policy is to describe the warrants and criteria for the installation of pedestrian crosswalks. Both pedestrians and motorists in the City of Nampa have rights and responsibilities on the roadway. Pedestrians must obey signals and yield to motorists if not crossing at an intersection or a crosswalk. Conversely. motorists are required to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks and when crossing at intersections. Appropriate use of signs and pavement markings can substantially reduce the effectiveness of such devices. A consistent application of this policy will  improve safety for motorists and pedestrians within the City.


A traffic engineering study will be completed to determine if a particular location meets the requirements for a marked crosswalk and/or other traffic control devices.

The Pedestrian Crosswalk Policy which includes all requirements can be found here.  

Please email the City of Nampa at [email protected] if there is a location that you would like considered for a crosswalk.