2C Kids Succeed


The 2C Kids Succeed Initiative is comprised of public officials, legislators, public officials and community members to build a healthy and resilient community for children.  

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Canyon County is committed to faith, family and an unwavering commitment to our children, but data show that Idaho ranks ahead of the broader United States for children experiencing four or more adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). ACEs are traumatic events in a child’s life from birth to 18 years that have a lasting effect well into adulthood. But, adversity can be countered with positive experiences, a supportive relationship with a trusted adult and healthy environments that help build resilience.

What can be predicted can be prevented. As communities with a shared belief that all kids should thrive, we are convening community, county and state leaders to discuss the power of one, the power of us, and the power of all as we commit 2C Kids Succeed.  

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