Engineering Progression Program


The City of Nampa is the largest full-service city in Idaho. As our community continues to grow, so does the need for infrastructure projects in domestic water, pressurized irrigation, wastewater and transportation. With a focus on mentoring new employees, providing diverse opportunities and development of future leaders in Nampa, it is important to continue to advocate for strong leaders in our community. 

The goal of this program is to create an employee succession plan by providing a career path for engineers and future managers in the Public Works Department. The program is designed to attract employees from all levels of experience; from internships to seasoned employees.


The PWD offers a paid internship program to allow students to gain real world engineering experience. 

The goal is to have one to two engineering internships per year.  Typical work for internships are GIS data collection, field inspection, flood plain data collection, and traffic studies. The goal of the internship is to provide opportunities for students and develop a local workforce to apply for open Engineer in Training (EIT) positions.

Engineer in Training

EIT employees will be mentored by the Public Works Director and assigned a rotation until the employee passes their Professional Engineer (P.E.) test.  Each rotation will be 18 months and is designed to gain experience in transportation, engineering, and water/wastewater to assist the EIT in passing their P.E. exam.  Employees must obtain their EIT license within 12 months of employment.  Employees that pass the EIT exam are eligible for a pay increase.

Professional Engineer

There are two tracts that can be taken for engineers: technical or managerial route.  If the employee strives to be a Public Works Director, then supervision, management, and some technical training will be developed for the employee. If the employee would like to stay focused on technical aspects of engineering, then they can be assigned technical training and will work in project design, operations of the wastewater plant or water systems, water and sewer modeling, or construction oversight.

To view our progession plan, click here. 

For more information about the City of Nampa's Engineering Progression Program please email the Senior Public Works Director at [email protected]

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