Recycled Water Program

Changing the Way Nampa Uses Water

After treatment of wastewater, many utilities simply dispose of their effluent in a river, steam or ocean. Water is too crucial of a resource to use just once. For the City of Nampa a recycled water program is the right thing for the environment and supports our goals to responsibly plan for the community to support growth, economic opportunity, and environmental stewardship. By recycling water, we have the ability to ease the demand on a limited water source by reusing water to reduce the impact water infrastructure around us.

The City of Nampa is developing a Recycled Water Program which will generate high treated, Class A, recycled water for irrigation and industrial use in the community. The recycled water system will operate under Idaho Department of Environmental Quality reuse permit that outlines monitoring and regulatory requirements to ensure optimal safety for the City of Nampa.

Our Mission

The City of Nampa and Recycled Water Program is dedicated to supporting Nampa residents water needs in an innovative way, that is safe and readily available to the community.

The Water Treatment Process

The City of Nampa is developing a Recycled Water Program which will reuse highly treated, Class A water in the community. Through strict treatment and monitoring high quality Class A recycled water is produced for distribution.

Recycled Water Permit Public Outreach

Follow the Flow

Recycled water gives Nampa the ability to provide a dependable, local water resource for the residents of Nampa. Many of the uses include:

001_Recycled Water Uses Table

What will the outfall look like?

View from the Fred Meyer and Office Depot parking lot during irrigation season:Outfall_View01_Summer Day

View from Caldwell Boulevard and Phyllis Canal during irrigation season: Outfall_View02_Summer Day