The City of Nampa wishes to thank those who voted and made their voices heard May 15. Thank you to the members of our community who took an active role in this important decision for our city. We encourage continued engagement moving forward, beginning with the anticipated process below: ​ ​

June 4 – Special City Council Meeting (5:00pm-6:30pm)
​ ​• Cost of Service Implementation: during the Council meeting, the approach to how utility costs are distributed between customer classes will be determined.
​ ​• The City currently charges sewer utility bills to customers on a bi-monthly basis. The Council will decide whether to change to single month billing.
​ ​• Hookup fees are updated when new unit processes (i.e. capacity) is added to the Nampa Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). The timing for this update, relative to Project Group A and Project Group B construction completion, will be decided. ​ ​

June 19 – Board of Appraisers
​​• Proposed rates resulting from the agreed-upon cost of service implementation approach (from June 4th) will go before the Board of Appraisers for approval.
​ ​• Staff will be providing an update on the funding decision resulting from the May 15th bond election.
​ ​• Staff will present the Council’s direction on hookup fees update timing (from the June 4th Special City Council meeting) to the Board. ​ ​

July 16 – City Council Meeting / Public Hearing
​ ​• A Public Hearing on the proposed sewer bill increase will be held.
​ ​• Notification letters for the proposed sewer rate increase will be mailed to ratepayers in their regular utility bills. ​ ​

October 1 – Proposed rate increase effective date

A message from Mayor Debbie Kling

Financing Update from Public Works Director Michael Fuss

The City of Nampa was awarded a State Revolving Fund loan at 1.68% over 30 years which is anticipated to be used if the bond passes. The alternative to bond financing is funding the project with cash. 

Nampa votes May 15.

Sewer Revenue Bond graph
comparing sewer rates in treasure valley
Overview Pie Chart
Watershed Map

How do Nampa’s utility rates compare to other cities’?

It is difficult to compare rates to other cities in an “apples to apples” approach, because each city is in a different position of meeting various regulatory requirements and population growth needs. Nampa’s existing wastewater utility rates are the lowest in the Treasure Valley.



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