How the public can help

People shoveling snow
  • Plan ahead!  Have snow shovels and sand/salt/deicer ready prior to winter conditions.
  • Be patient.  During a snowstorm, please be assured every reasonable effort is made to keep roadways open. During a major snowstorm, all City snowplow operators and snow removal equipment will be on the road.
  • Be a good neighbor.
  • Do not attempt to stop a snowplow or obstruct its path. This is a safety issue and plows MUST maintain speed for maximum efficiency.
  • When approaching snow removal equipment from the rear, travel a minimum of 200 feet behind, allowing for sanding and abrupt movements.  DO NOT PASS unless there is an emergency.  In an emergency, use extreme caution before you pass by honking horn and/or flashing headlights to alert the snowplow operator you intend to pass.  DO NOT PASS until the operator signals you to do so.
  • If possible, park off streets. In residential areas, leave room for plows to get through safely.
  • Remove snow from driveways, sidewalks, and pedestrian ramps after plow passes. Property owners are requested not to shovel snow into the street as the plows will likely plow the same snow back onto owner’s property. Find a spot(s) on your property where snow can be piled. Keep in mind while choosing the location(s) that when the snow melts it will not seep into your house.
  • Do not put garbage cans or recycling containers in street.
  • Clear snow from mailboxes to avoid interruption in delivery service.
  • Clear snow from fire hydrants.
  • Clear snow and ice from catch basins