Impact Fee Advisory Committee


The committee serves in an advisory capacity as city officials make decisions involving development impact fees, land use and capital improvements. Idaho Code, Section 67-8203(9), allows cities to impose impact fees as a condition of development for a proportionate share of the cost of system improvements needed to serve development in the areas of police, fire, streets and parks.


Impact Fee Advisory Committee Meetings are held in the City Council Chambers of City Hall located at 411 3rd Street South.


Mike Grim
December 6, 2025
Tyler Bosier
January 7, 2024
Dennis Davis
January 7, 2024
Sharon R. Harris
January 6, 2025
Hubert Osborne
January 6, 2025
Ben Etcheverry
January 6, 2025
Glen Rimbey
January 7, 2024