Infiltration Outreach

One of the options Nampa considered in Phase I was infiltration, a treatment process that would take recycled water from the City's treatment plant and apply it over a designated area of land near Nampa. Through this process, the City would use recycled water to recharge the aquifer underlying land south of Lake Lowell.

Specific site conditions are needed for infiltration to be effective. The City had identified several locations in Canyon County where infiltration could possibly work.

A team of wastewater and hydrogeological experts conducted background water quality and soils testing using existing wells at several sites in Canyon County deemed suitable for infiltration. The test results for these sites were inconclusive and thus further testing commenced to evaluate each site's soil characteristics and infiltration rates.

After continued investigation, the City Council voted not to pursue the infiltration option in Phase I.

Infiltration Materials

February 11, 2014 Public Meeting

December 13, 2011 Public Meeting