The City of Nampa is evaluating options for continuing to upgrade its wastewater system, meet regulatory requirements and prepare for the future.

Wastewater includes used water from toilets, dishwashers, manufacturing and other sources. Nampa generates approximately 10 million gallons of wastewater per day. The City currently treats the water and discharges it into Indian Creek.

In order to meet new state and federal regulatory requirements and continue serving future generations, the City needs to upgrade its wastewater treatment and disposal process.

Phased approach

Based on input from technical experts and the community, Nampa has decided to upgrade its wastewater treatment facility in multiple phases. This approach will allow the City to determine the best long-term option for Nampa and spread the funding over a longer time period.

Phase I upgrades are under construction and will be completed by 2019. These upgrades are the first step in reducing the amount of phosphorus Nampa contributes to Indian Creek. Additional upgrades will be necessary in Phase II to meet more stringent phosphorus limits. For more details about Phase I and the regulatory process, download a Background Fact Sheet.

• The City of Nampa is currently evaluating several potential options for Phase II and Phase III. The selected option for these phases will allow Nampa to meet regulatory requirements until 2031. These requirements include additional reductions in phosphorus and selecting an approach to lower the treated water temperature prior to discharging it to Indian Creek.

Community Input

Nampa residents and businesses are invited to give input in several ways, including the Nampa Wastewater Advisory Group (NWAG). The advisory group will meet several times to discuss potential options for Phase II.

To join the group or be notified of upcoming opportunities to give input, please email [email protected].