Volunteer Opportunity

Please see below for a highly essential program that the Nampa Family Justice Center (NFJC) is involved with ….We ask that you consider partnering with the NFJC as we cannot do this alone and need assistance from our community to help victims of domestic violence.

Program: court advocacy see below for the summary of the situation and need:

Civil Protection Orders

  1. Victims of domestic violence have the right to apply for a Civil Protection Order (CPO). This means the petitioner (alleged victim) is concerned for her/his physical safety and/or the minor children in the home. The petitioner is asking the judge to order the respondent (alleged abuser) to stay away.
  2. The petitioner attends a Civil Protection Order hearing. At this time the respondent has the right to show up and defend himself/herself.
  3. It is very often that the petitioner is fearful going through this process for multiple reasons:
-They are scared of the respondent due to past physical harm or threats of harm.
-They are intimidated by the court system, not being familiar with how
mine through it all.
-They are not sure what the outcome will be for the CPO and it can be worse on
her/him if the judge does not grant it.
-They most often have to function as their own attorney (represent themselves,
tell the judge why they are scared and all this in front of the respondent and all
the other people in the courtroom, some court session are not closed to the

What we need:

  1. People willing to provide support and resources for petitioners going through the process of obtaining a CPO.
  2. Investment of time to be trained for court advocacy. This would include shadowing as well as class time.
  3. Investment of time to have background check (no charge)
  4. After trainings are over, time investment could be a maximum of 2 hours a week.
  5. A time commitment of 6 months to a year.

What court advocacy looks like:

  1. Showing up in court 20 minutes before hearing begins.
  2. Talking to the petitioner before court starts guiding them through the process, letting them know someone is there for support.
  3. Guiding the petitioner inside the courtroom and helping them with seating, always having in mind seating distance from the respondent.
  4. When the judge calls their name escorting the petitioner to where they are to sit before the judge. Advocate is to sit next to petitioner.
  5. Helping the petitioner after the court proceeding is over with resources.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Court advocates never give legal advice (in the trainings process this will be explained further with some specifics and reading material), court advocacy is for support and resource help only. J

If interested please fill out volunteer/intern application and scan to or drop off completed application at The Nampa Family Justice Center (NFJC)

Internship Opportunity

1. Fill out volunteer/ intern application and scan to or drop off completed application at The Nampa Family Justice Center (NFJC)

2. Commit to a minimum of 300 hours of internship

3. NFJC will call to schedule an interview for possible placement

4. Provide NFJC with a copy of the background check required by current attended University

5. Complete Child Abuse Registry background check (NFJC will provide documents to fulfill this request)

If you have any questions please email Jeannie Strohmeyer at strohmeyerj@cityofnampa.us.