Commercial Rate Increase

Commercial Domestic Water Rate Increase

City Council approved the 2017 rate increase in two parts. The average commercial customer with 1" meter and 7,600 cubic feet of water consumption was billed $78.87 every two months in 2016. The same commercial customer paid $91.32 (every two months) starting in March of 2017 and in January of 2018 will pay $103.76. That breaks down to $12.45 more per month.

Customers are categorized as either commercial or residential according to their land use zone. This means that some residential houses that are located in zones which allow commercial uses are billed according to the commercial rate structure. Zoning districts which are billed the commercial water rate include: RML, RMH, RP, BN, DB, DV, DH, BC, BF, GB1, GB2, IP, IL, IH, and U. Typically, domestic water rates end up being higher under the commercial rate structure but the designation usually saves customers money on their irrigation assessment.
Commercial Rate structure