Residential Rate Increase

Domestic Water Rate Increase

City Council approved the 2017 rate increase in two parts.  The average residential bill of $24.77 increased to $26.55 (every two months) in March of 2017 and to $28.19 (every two months) starting January 1, 2018. 
Domestic water bills are calculated on a fixed rate, which is based on the size of meter, and how much water a customer uses. The usage rate is also tiered, which means you pay a lower rate for the first 700 cubic feet than you do the second and third tiers. In essence, the new rate structure rewards conservation efforts. You can lower your bill by using less water. Your first 700 cubic feet will be billed at the lowest rate. The next 700 cubic feet will cost more and use over 1,400 cubic feet will cost the most.

  Res Rate Structure

How to Calculate the Average January 1, 2018 Bill

(The average residential bill and the example below has 1400 Cubic Feet of consumption and a 1 Inch Meter)
  • Multiply the 0.0053 rate by 700 cubic feet of water: $3.71
  • Multiply the 0.0092 rate by the additional cubic feet between 701 and 1,400: $6.44
  • Multiply the 0.0112 rate by any additional cubic feet over 1,400
  • Add $3.71 + $6.44 (and the third tier if necessary): $10.15 for consumption
  • Add your total consumption charge to the fixed charge (For the average bill: $10.15 + fixed charge of $18.04= $28.19)

Save through Conservation

Additionally, before rates were adjusted in 2016, residential customers were charged the same rate, no matter how much water was used. While the tiered rate may be confusing, it is to your advantage, because the rate for the first 700 cubic feet of water cost much less.