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Nampa's Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Upgrade

Wastewater Division Phase I Upgrade

Nampa must make improvements to our wastewater treatment and disposal facility in order to meet the new federal permit requirements. Funding the needed improvements will require increasing sewer rates for all Nampa residents, businesses and industries.

Nampa currently discharges its treated wastewater into Indian Creek. Disposing treated wastewater into United States waterways such as Indian Creek is regulated by the federal Clean Water Act and requires the City of Nampa to have a permit. This permit is called a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. A new NPDES permit should be issued to the City by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) every five years.

Nampa expects to receive its next NPDES permit in 2014. The new permit will require Nampa to meet higher standards for treating its wastewater, including a higher level of phosphorus removal.

In order to meet these new regulations, Nampa will need to upgrade its wastewater treatment and disposal system. The City has been working with engineering and financial experts and the community over the past several years to determine how to best upgrade Nampa's wastewater treatment and disposal system.

Gathering public input has resulted in a recommendation to improve Nampa's wastewater treatment facility in two phases:

  • Click here to learn more about Phase One improvements.
  • Click here to learn more about Phase Two improvements.

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