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Street Division

Street Division StaffThe Street Division doesn't only maintain streets, they also maintain all alleys, signs, traffic signals, street lights and the storm water system. The Division is responsible for accident clean up, traffic control, weed control  in city right-of-ways, and graffiti removal in the city right-of-ways.
All Street Division Operations are dependent on existing weather conditions and are subject to change accordingly. Citizens are urged to approach Public Works Crews with caution.

Fall Maintenance:
As we move into fall the crews have been patching through out the city, as well as in next years chip zone. The Street Division activities for Fall maintenance are listed below, please keep in mind, that all activities are  coordinated based on manpower, temperature and weather.

The purpose of sweeping is to clean leaves and other debris from city streets. Although the Street division doesn't take sweeping requests, they may come out for extenuating circumstances, such as, spills, or water main break. additional sweeping is performed as often as resources allow. While street sweepers pick up leaves and debris that naturally fall into the street, the operation is not designed to pick up raked leaves/yard waste. City code 3-4-1 regarding solid waste prohibits placement of solid waste into city right of way. Please bag your yard rubbish and set out for collection on your weekly garbage pickup day. Trash and yard refuse should not be placed in the street rather, up on the right of way or driveway so the sweepers can get closer to the curb.
    Crews are now sweeping throughout the city including subdivisions.
Storm Water:
The storm water system is a network of catch basins, manholes, underground pipes that carry storm water to holding ponds. These ponds are designed to store and slowly release water over time. Property owners are responsible for not putting grass mowing's, leaves and other debris into the gutters, to ensure that catch basins are kept free of obstructions that may block the flow of water.
     Crews are cleaning and shooting lines in the chip zone making sure they are ready for the fall rains and winter. Routine storm water maintenance will resume after the chip zone is complete.
Crack Seal and Mastic in Chip Zone:
Crack seal, This sealant will prevent the invasion of surface water between the layers of asphalt and sub-grade rock, thus preventing premature failures, deterioration and potholes. Using crack seal provides a cost-effective method of preventing early failures an aging. Mastic Repair is a hot applied, stone filled patching grout for simple, long lasting repair that extend the life of distressed pavements at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Only a small crew and minimal equipment is required with smooth long lasting results, and is ready for traffic as soon as it cools.
     Crews will start this program within the month.
Alley and Shouldering:
Alleys, The Street Division has a crew grade the alleys twice a year, Spring and Fall. Routine maintenance of alleys are normally graded in the same manner. The operator loosens the surface material with his cutting blade. Once the material is loose the operator works it from side to side filling all voids and reestablishing a smooth and drainable surface. On occasion it becomes necessary to add fill material.
Shouldering, The City completes shouldering annually that have do not have curb and gutter. Shouldering is done by the crew when necessary and takes approximately 3-5 days to complete. 
    The crews are waiting for some rain showers to help with the blading of the alleys. This activity requires for the ground to be moist. Throughout the year, blading is restricted due to too much rain water, and being too hard in the summer months.
Traffic Signals:
Traffic signals are essential for the safe traffic flow in the city of Nampa. Street Traffic Staff is responsible for performing routine maintenance, responding to lights flashing red, signals not detecting traffic, and other signal malfunctions.
    A Crew is in the process of  cleaning and upgrading signal cabinets.


The Street Division has a crew employed during the spring and summer that takes care of weeds in the City right of ways and on City property.
Weed management control plans consider the type of weed, severity of infestation, proximity to water, trees and other native or desirable vegetation. Prevention is the first line of defense. People, animals, and equipment transport and distribute weed seeds. Early detection and maintenance is key in identifying and controlling high priority areas. Broad spectrum or nonselective herbicides control a large variety of vegetation and are best applied from late May to early June when the weather is warm and dry.

Ongoing Maintenance:
Maintenance and replacement of the City's 9,000 plus regulatory, warning and informational signs is a continuous project.
Miscellaneous and street name signs are logged so that the last week of each month they can be repaired and/or replaced as necessary. However, regulatory signs are taken care of immediately. Signals help municipalities save money, keep the roads safe and reduce accidents. Preventive signal maintenance is performed at regularly scheduled intervals. Crews also respond to any reported equipment system malfunctions such as lamp burnout, failure of the detection sensor, and other miscellaneous mishaps. our signal technicians are constantly working to make traffic signals run smoothly.

When you see the signal or street light repair crew working along side the road and in the bucket truck, please slow down and if possible change lanes away from the crew. Proceed with caution.

If you have a concern please call the office or use our online request

The Street Division has a staff of 23 and is responsible for the maintenance of 787.40 lane miles of City streets, 57 traffic signals, 9,758 traffic signs and 4,300 street lights. Maintenance activities include chip and fog sealing, striping centerlines and crosswalks, removing snow and ice, and servicing traffic signals and street lights. The Division also pumps excessive storm water, and cleans sand and grease traps in storm water catch basins.

Roads Scholar Awards
Reuben Bowers has received his  Road Scholar for fiscal year 2015 and is currently working on the Road Master. Brad Farner and Jeff Kasma have received their Road Master. Congratulations to all of you! The Road Scholar/Road Master program is an intense training program consisting of several courses focusing on street maintenance. The program is hosted by the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC) and T2. Congratulations!

Contact Us

Street Division
106 W. Railroad Street
Nampa, ID 83651
Phone: (208) 468-5830

Don Barr
Street Superintendent
Phone: (208) 468-5831
Fax: (208) 318-0012
Email - barrd@cityofnampa.us

Street Division's operating hours are 7:00am to 5:30pm Monday through Thursday. If you have an after hours emergency please call Nampa Dispatch non-emergency number 465-2257. Thank you.

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