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Street Division

Streets DivisionCHIP SEAL 2015

 Chip sealing is a common, cost effective, pavement maintenance practice that extends the life and provides a good driving surface. Chip sealing is about one-fourth to one-fifth the cost of conventional asphalt overlay.

Paint/Striping Update:
August 10, 2015 - Chip and Fog Seal is complete. The month of August the crews will be re-striping lines, painting crosswalks and applying thermo plastic.  Drive safely and thank you for your patience.

Approximate Schedule:
There are seventeen road sections that will be fog sealed, the first being Midway Road from West Orchard to West Karcher Road, followed by Moss Lane from Midway Road to Middleton Road.  The remaining chip seal will be on the west side of town beginning with West Flamingo Avenue.  When all of the scheduled roads are chip sealed, crews will proceed to fog seal and then finally to re-stripe the roads.

JUNE 8– JULY 16 ……… approximately

   1. Midway Road -- from W Orchard Avenue to W Karcher
    2. Moss Lane -- from Midway Road to N Middleton Road
    3. W Flamingo Ave -- from Midway Road to N Midland Road  
    4. Middleton Road -- from W Flamingo Ave to Just short of Homedale Rd
    5. Cassia Street -- from W Karcher Rd to W Flamingo Ave
N Midland Blvd -- from W Karcher Rd to W Orchard Ave
Davis Avenue  --  N Midland Blvd to N Yale St 
    8. Smith Ave -- from N Midland Blvd to N Yale St
N Canyon St -- from Smith Ave to Davis Ave 
W Karcher Rd -- from Caldwell Blvd to N Franklin Blvd
Birch Lane -- from Northside Blvd to N Franklin Blvd
N Franklin Blvd -- from Birch to Exit 36
  13. Madison Road -- from E Karcher Rd to Birch Lane 
  14. Karcher Bypass -- from W Karcher Rd to N Midland Blvd
  15. N Midland Blvd -- from Karcher Bypass to W Cherry Ln
N Market Place -- from Karcher Bypass to N Midland Blvd
Northside Blvd -- from Birch to N Yale St

Click on link for Chip Seal Map:


The Street Division has a crew employed during the spring and summer that takes care of weeds in the City right of ways and on City property.
Weed management control plans consider the type of weed, severity of infestation, proximity to water, trees and other native or desirable vegetation. Prevention is the first line of defense. People, animals, and equipment transport and distribute weed seeds. Early detection and maintenance is key in identifying and controlling high priority areas. Broad spectrum or nonselective herbicides control a large variety of vegetation and are best applied from late May to early June when the weather is warm and dry.

Ongoing Maintenance:
Maintenance and replacement of the City’s 9,000 plus regulatory, warning and informational signs is a continuous project.
Miscellaneous and street name signs are logged so that the  last week of each month they can be repaired and/or replaced as necessary. However, regulatory signs are taken care of immediately. 
Signals help municipalities save money, keep the roads safe and reduce accidents. Preventive signal maintenance is performed at regularly scheduled intervals. Crews also respond to any reported equipment system malfunctions such as lamp burnout, failure of the detection sensor, and other miscellaneous mishaps. Our signal technicians are constantly working to make traffic signals run smoothly. 

If you have a concern please call the office or use our online request form.

Special Note:
It doesn't matter whether you are coming or going, there is road construction just about everywhere. Thank you for your patience and please remember to stay 100 feet back from the paint truck, sweepers, and any construction equipment, do not attempt to pass. Drive with caution, if the crews are out, prepare for any delays and or detours. Again thank you for your patience. Have a Safe and Happy Summer!


The Street Division has a staff of 23 and is responsible for the maintenance of 787.40 lane miles of City streets, 57 traffic signals, 9,758 traffic signs and 4,300 street lights. Maintenance activities include chip and fog sealing, striping centerlines and crosswalks, removing snow and ice, and servicing traffic signals and street lights. The Division also pumps excessive storm water, and cleans sand and grease traps in storm water catch basins.

Roads Scholar Awards
Brad Farner, Jeff Kasma,  and Malachi Taylor have received their Road Scholar for fiscal year 2015 and are currently working on the Road Master. The Road Scholar/Road Master program is an intense training program consisting of several courses focusing on street maintenance. The program is hosted by the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC) and T2. Congratulations!

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Street Superintendent

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