• Regularly scheduled inspections are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM. AM and PM inspections requests will only be available for Footing, Foundation, and Masonry Grout inspections. All inspections requests received before 7:00 AM will be scheduled the same day. All inspections requests received after 7:00 AM will be scheduled the next business day. Inspections with unusual or critical needs that require a specific date and time will require approval of the City of Nampa Building Department 48 hours in advance. Call (208) 468-4431 or (208) 468-5477 for such requests
  • Inspections for Retrofit Water Heater, Furnaces, and Air conditioning projects, will be scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday only. The assigned inspector will contact the contractor requesting the inspection in order to schedule a two hour inspection time slot for that day. Inspection time slots starting at 8:00AM are on a first come first serve basis.
  • To request an inspection go to the City’s webpage and select the Citizen Access Portal (CAP). Once you have logged into your account, select the “Scheduling an Inspection” feature of CAP website. Until the inspection request is approved and scheduled the inspection will be shown as pending. Please remember to leave comments for the inspector, such as “gate/garage code” within the comment field of the CAP webpage an if an inspection request is sent to an inspector’s emails or phone that inspection will not be scheduled. We also require certain criteria to be met prior to scheduling an inspection, such as fees to be paid, permit to be issued, etc. If you need assistance call (208) 468-5477 or (208) 468-5404.
  • Permits for emergency mechanical, electrical and plumbing work occurring over a weekend or City recognized Holiday may be issued on the next business day after the work has started or completed. Inspection requests can be made after the permit has been issued thru the CAP website.


The complete set of approved permit plans are required to be on site for all inspections. Failure to be ready for a requested inspection may result in a $45.00 re-inspection fee.


Bret Caulder, Building Official - (208) 468-4431, email
Bruce Weaver, Electrical Inspector - (208) 468-5456, email
Cache Olson, Sr. Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector - (208) 468-5455, email
John Desmond, Building/Plumbing Inspector - (208) 468-5421, email
Jeff Miranda, Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector -(208) 468-5462, email
Rob Willis, Plan Reviewer/Electrical/Building Inspector -(208) 468-5410, email
Richard Nixon, Building/Mechanical Inspector - (208) 468-5417 email

Inspection Line - All Inspections - (208) 468-5404
Fax Line Building Inspector's - (208) 468-5439


Engineering Department- Cliff McKee- (208) 468-5471, email
Planning & Zoning Commercial Inspections- Robert Hobbs - (208) 468-5457, email
Planning & Zoning Residential Inspections- Christopher Daly- (208) 468-5406, email
Fire Department Inspection Line- (208) 468-5770, email
Stormwater Division- Tim Eylar- (208) 468-4442, email