Amity Avenue Project

The City of Nampa's project to improve Amity Avenue between Chestnut Street and Southside is on track to be complete in late May 2016.

Crews have been working for over a year to widen this section of Amity Avenue to two lanes in each direction and add sidewalks, curb and gutter and install new traffic signals. The recently constructed improvements will reduce bottlenecks and delays, and improve safety on Amity Avenue.

The City of Nampa thanks all residents for your patience and cooperation during the construction of these much needed improvements.

Construction Overview

All construction on Amity Avenue will be finished.
  • Work on Amity Avenue is complete between Chestnut and Chicago streets, and all lanes on this section are open to traffic.
  • Please note that street parking will not be allowed on Amity Avenue once the outside lanes are open.
  • Signals are in full operation at Powerline Road, Chicago Street and at the Murray Street pedestrian crossing.
  • Amity Avenue will be restricted to one lane in each direction between Chicago Street and Southside Boulevard through late May while work on final improvements is completed.
  • The entire project area will continue to be monitored by the contractor over the next several months. The contractor may visit property owners to discuss water and maintenance for landschaping.
All four lanes of Amity Avenue, from Chestnut St. to Southside Blvd., are expected to open by the end of May 2016.

Project Accomplishments

The recently constructed improvements will reduce bottlenecks and delays, and enhance safety on Amity Avenue between Chestnut Street and Southside Boulevard. The Amity Avenue Improvement Project has included:
  • Widening Amity Avenue to two travel lanes in each direction between Chestnut Street and Southside Boulevard.
  • Adding new curb, gutter and five-foot sidewalk.
  • Replacing all existing sidewalks on Amity Avenue within the project limits.
  • Installing traffic signals at South Powerline Road and Chicago Street.
  • Installing a pedestrian crossing at Murray Street.
The Amity Avenue project will be completed six months ahead of the original schedule. This accomplishment is a result of efficient management and strategic construction phasing.

Idaho Materials & Construction is the contractor for this project. The total project cost, including design, right-of-way and construction, is $9.2 million.

Contact Information

Contact Karla Nelson, City of Nampa, (208) 468-4434