How Do I

  1. Access Nampa Proud icons

  2. Apply for a Job

    Apply, Job, Jobs, Employment, Employmento, Career, Careers, Application, Benefits

  3. Contact Department Staff

    View contact information for all City staff and departments.

  4. Get Around Nampa

    Transportation & Getting Around Nampa

  5. Get a Library Card

    Information on obtaining a library card in Nampa

  6. Get Monthly Parking Downtown

    Information on how to lease, rent, or get a monthly parking pass for downtown, parking garage, parking lots,

  7. Register A Business

    Voluntary registration for businesses and organizations that operate in the City of Nampa.

  8. Read City News

    Look through current City news and press releases.

  9. Report a Problem

    Submit concerns, complaints, and problems to the City of Nampa.

  10. Volunteer to Work the Front Desk

  11. View a Map of the City

    View a map of the City of Nampa.

  12. View City Events

    Look for upcoming City and department events.

  13. Visit City Attractions

    Research what there is to do in the City of Nampa.

  14. Mobile App

    To find the Nampa, Idaho Mobile App follow this link.