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Nampa city water will shut irrigation off Oct. 7, 2016

The City of Nampa will shut down its irrigation system Friday, Oct 7.

The majority of Nampa’s irrigation water comes from the canals operated by Nampa-Meridian Irrigation, Pioneer Irrigation District and Boise-Kuna Irrigation. Nampa is scheduling the end of its season to coincide with the end of water delivery by two of the districts.

Nampa-Meridian has scheduled Oct 6 for the end of its season followed by Pioneer ending its season Oct. 7.

A reminder to individuals and companies blowing out sprinkler lines, please do not turn off the city valve on your property. That keyed turnoff is for city use only.

All Nampa residents are asked to check the programming of their sprinkler control box to assure they are not unknowingly over-watering. Those who need help setting a sprinkler control box should contact a lawn care professional. Residents are also strongly encouraged to install their own shut off valve to control sprinkler lines and not to operate the city valve as this is for emergency use only.

For more information on the irrigation season, irrigation assessment or wise water use please review the attached document or visit our website at

Frequently asked irrigation questions and more information on the irrigation season and assessment.

Irrigation Districts

The majority of Nampa’s irrigation water comes in the canal system from Lucky Peak. The Pioneer Irrigation District and the Nampa Meridian Irrigation District manage most of the canals and ditches in Nampa. In some cases these irrigation districts are solely responsible for the infrastructure leading to a customer’s property.

City of Nampa Pressurized Irrigation

In many subdivisions the City of Nampa Waterworks Division is responsible for the pressurized irrigation pump station, water main line, and curb stop valves.

The service line, which is between the curb stop and the sprinkler head, belongs to the property owner. The City will not repair a customer’s service line.

Over Watering

Water is a valuable resource in our community, for this reason over watering violates City Code.

Nampa City Codes Section 8-1-22 Waste of Irrigation Water

To report over watering send us an email.

Watering Tips

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